Vince Carter Vertical Jump Is An Incredible 43 Inches!

Between The Legs DunkEven at 40 years old Vince Carter is an incredible athlete that can jump out of the building.  As of this writing he is more than likely in his final year of his NBA career.  However, in his prime, he was one of the highest flying dunkers we have ever seen.

Vince Carter vertical was 43 inches and this was on display pretty much every time he stepped out on the court.  He earned the nickname “half man half amazing” because of the ridiculous dunks he was able to throw down such as the between the legs dunk and 360 dunks.

Although he has bounced around the league to the tune of seven different teams, Vince Carter has always been a solid player who has a career average of 18 points per game.  He is currently playing with the Sacramento Kings where he will presumably finish off his long career.

Let’s take a look at the background of Vince Carter, learn how he trains, and exactly how he is able to have such a high vertical leap.



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A Bio On Vince

Although his full name is Vincent Lamar Carter, he likes to be referred to as Vince.  He was born on January 26th, 1977 in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida.  Vince Carter was always involved with sports growing up.  Along with basketball, he liked to play volleyball as well.  He was selected as the team captain of the volleyball team at his high school.  Vince Carter vertical leap helped him excel at volleyball.  Rising above the net and throwing down hard spikes is a lot easier when you can jump more than 40 inches.

Vince attended Mainland High School in Florida and he earned about every award you can get as a high school player.  He was awarded Florida’s Basketball Player of the Year in 1995 and played on the McDonald’s All-America Team.  Even with all of this attention on his basketball skills, Vince Carter still managed to earn fantastic grades throughout school.  In fact, he graduated high school with honors.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

With all the accolades he garnered the attention of several big universities that wanted to bring him on to their basketball team.  After much deliberation Vince chose to attend North Carolina University where other big name players such as Michael Jordan attended.  Vince Carter played for North Carolina for three years from 1995 to 1998.  During this time he helped lead the team to two Final Four appearances and he was awarded the defensive player of the year.

In 1998 Vince Carter decided to move on from college and enter into the NBA draft.  It proved to be a wise choice because he was selected as the fifth overall pick by the Toronto Raptors.  He started his career strong and was named the Rookie of The Year and Sportsman of the Year.  This was all due to his great play on the court.  NBA staff and fans alike recognized his explosiveness and athletic ability which made him extremely popular.  However, when you think of Vince Carter you will always think of a specific date which is September 25th, 2000.  Vince was playing in the Sydney Olympics for the United States.

The U.S. was playing against France when Vince Carter jumped over 7 foot 2 inch Frederic Weis and threw down a dunk that no one could believe.  Vince couldn’t even believe what he had just done.  Later on he tried to replicate the dunk with his teammates during practice but could never leap exactly the way he did in the game.  Vince Carter’s dunk was so impressive that both teams were cheering him on when he did it.  France even has a nickname for the dunk…. “le dunk de la morte” which means the dunk of death.

A List of Accomplishments In The Career Of Vince Carter

  • 8 time NBA All-Star
  • Named To All NBA Team
  • 11 Time Eastern Conference Player of The Week
  • Rookie Of The Year Award
  • Average of 18 PPG and is 22nd in All Time Scorers
  • Slam Dunk Contest Winner



Vince Carter Vertical Workout



Vince Carter’s Vertical Jump Test At The P3 Facility

We were able to uncover a photo of Vince Carter training in the offseason at P3 Athletic Center.  The photo is of a vertical jump test that Vince did just a couple years ago at the ripe age of 38!  As you can see he really hasn’t lost any spring in his step.  In fact, we have also included a side by side photo of Vince Carter and Andrew Wiggins.  Vince is keeping right up with the kid who is half his age.  It proves that working hard, eating right and some God given abilities will help you to keep Father Time at bay.

Vince Carter Vertical Jump Test



The Most Impressive Vince Carter Dunks of His Career.

Vince Carter Olympic DunkNever has the Vince Carter vertical leap been on a greater display than at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney Australia.  The United States took the gold medal that year in the Olympics but honestly, no one really cares about that.  They are expected to win.  What it is really known for is the high flying act that Vince Carter put on against France’s huge 7 foot 2 center.  Frederic Weis instantly became the poster child for the most ridiculous dunk ever.

They actually interviewed Frederic several years later and he said he never wanted to watch the video of the dunk and for 10 years he tried to not watch it.  Well, that makes one person because about every true basketball fan on the planet has watched that Vince Carter dunk about 100 times.  Frederic is just lucky that it was performed in a time when social media and Youtube were not a big craze yet.  Below is a video of Vince’s Olympic dunk in action:

Vince In The Slam Dunk Contest

The year 2000 proved to be quite memorable for Vince Carter as he rewrote the script in the Slam Dunk contest.  He threw down some dunks that were very creative and had never been done before.  He generated several perfect scores of 50 and of course was able to take home the trophy.  We have every dunk he performed that year in the video clip below.  It is 13 minutes of pure enjoyment.




How You Can Achieve a Vince Carter Vertical Leap

The Jump ManualAlright, so I am not going to promise that you will be jumping out of the gym just like Vince Carter.  Let’s face it, the man has some amazing God given gifts.  However, you CAN improve your vertical leap dramatically with some hard work and the right guidance.  I know because I have personally done it.  The program that we recommend here at is The Jump Manual.

It’s not just a list of exercises to perform.  It is a comprehensive guide that covers every aspect of vertical jump training from plyometrics, lifting weights, the best exercises, nutrition and proper jumping technique.  They even have personal coaching available to help you take your vertical to new heights.

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The Jump Manual

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